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4 months 3 weeks ago #1123 by Lynfrances
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I would love to do some digitizing for bobbin work, but I cannot find much info online about doing this.  I do have some purchased designs; however, I really would like to try digitizing my own.  Does anyone have any advice about doing this in Hatch? Thanks

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4 months 1 week ago #1232 by LindeeG
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I've digitized bobbin work. For a good result, you'll need to fiddle with your machine tensions and (needle an bobbin)—and that's really a bigger problem than digitizing.

You probably already know you'll need to hoop with the front of the fabric towards the bobbin and the stabilizer on top. Generally speaking, you'll want a design with longer stitches, no backtracking, no/minimal jumps and trims, and no tie-offs. Motif stitches are probably not a good choice since they often have shorter stitches.

Just use a single run. Rely on the thread and the design pattern for interest.

IF you have some purchased designs, open them up and check the stitch types and stitch lengths and test sew to see what works with your machine and threads. Then just use those values to apply to your own creations. Make changes based on the weight/type of thread. I did once use ribbon this way. I like monofilament (poly not nylon) in the needle.

Turn the auto-trimmers off on your machine and bring the bobbin thread up manually at the first real stitch. Some machines automatically sink the needle in the center of the hoop for the first stitch—my Viking does that. Sometimes you can hold the threads so they get stitched over, otherwise, you'll need to have long enough tails to weave in on each end.

Keep your design small so you don't run out of bobbin thread. You may have to hand-wind your bobbin. You'll definitely need to adjust your bobbin tension so a separate bobbin case is best.

I've found bobbin work to be relatively inconsistent. I really haven't done any in quite a few years. 


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4 months 4 days ago #1247 by Lynfrances
Replied by Lynfrances on topic Bobbin work
Thank you.  I do have some purchased designs and I have done it successfully on denim.  I figured that it was not too involved to actually digitize some simple designs for bobbin work, but your information was helpful.  Thanks again.
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