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6 months 1 week ago #1040 by Albatroz
Helo all members.Couldsomeone, please, help me with a very newbie question about Hatch 2?A useseveral guides to align nodes in the designs. I know how to delete (or clear as
you wish) a single one – dragging it out of the ruler.  However, if I have several guides this is a time-consuming
task. Due to the highest quality of Hatch, as is usual with Wilcom products, I’m
convinced that the software has a way to delete (or clear) all the guides at
once (like in the vector drawing program Inkscape where in Edit menu we have an
option to Delete all guide lines), so the problem must be with me,  being unable to figure it out. Can someoneexplain to me how to do it, please?Thank youso much.

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6 months 1 week ago #1042 by Kim
Replied by Kim on topic Guides how to clear all at once
Yes, you can.  Actually a couple of ways.

Method 1
select your object > then click reshape (shortcut key is letter H)
Now drag a box around the nodes you want to delete and click the mouse.
Because this is a box in shape, you generally will have to delete a few left overs that you want deleted.  You can do this one at a time or use the second method below.

The nodes will now turn blue > click the delete key

Method 2:
You can also how the shift key and then add multiple nodes at one time > then click delete

Click "enter" when you are finished.

Sometimes if you don't follow all the steps, your mouse will not be released and your design will move all over the screen.  Press ESC (escape key) two times and then click on the window.  This will clear it out.

Hope this helps

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5 months 4 weeks ago - 5 months 4 weeks ago #1068 by Albatroz
Thanks a lot for your time to reply Kim. Maybe I do not make myself clear, as English is
not my natural language.  What I want isnot clear al the nodes (or several nodes) at once, rather guides (guide lines).
 However, you told (in another channel) thatthere is no “command/option) to delete all the guides at once, but this is s already
registered as a request for adding it as new feature in future Hatch updates.
You alsotold the when we open another design window, the new design window as no guide
at all. That allows for a workaround wile we don’t’ have the feature in Hacth.
The workaround obviously is to copy the entire design and past it to a new
design window. You see, after all I got a solution from you. Thank you so much
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