How do you change the angle of the underlay?

2 months 2 weeks ago #960 by williamsonar1
I have been helping my girlfriend and my mother to learn embroidery software for a while now. We are coming from Floriani after the mothers day sale on Hatch. Last week i helped my girlfriend digitize, and stitch out a design we created, but noticed major gaping in it.

I feel like this is due to the tatami fill, and the tatami underlay not being perpendicular to one another, but at 45 degrees adding to pull issues in the fabric. Is there a way to change the angle of the underlay? i only have found changing the top stitch angle, which automatically moves the underlay to be 45 degrees off the new top stitch angle. while you cant directly choose the angle in Floriani, it does have options such as perpendicular or parallel and so on.

I have seen a suggestion to turn off all underlay and digitize my own but that seems like twice the amount of work for something as simple as underlay stitch angle. One thing i read suggesting making a copy of the digitized object, setting it as a tatami fill, with no underlay, and manually spacing it very wide in a perpendicular direction.

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2 months 1 day ago #983 by Kim
First I apologize for the late delay in a reply. for some reason all questions on this date just came in today. So sorry.
Have you tried the different settings and type of underlay in the "Stitching tab" in your object properties. Honestly, most likely it's not the underlay problem. If you would send your design with the problem to hatch support, we'll be happy to have a look at it.

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