Hatch Embroidery 2 - Getting Started Video Series

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Hatch Embroidery 2 - Getting Started Video Series #419
These are the videos that will get you on your way when you start to use Hatch Embroidery 2.

These 30 videos will take you all the way from setting up your machine through to managing designs, changing colors, adding lettering, editing designs and creating your very own designs.

This is the fastest way to get you comfortable and stitching out great designs.

First Things First
GS-01-01 - Tour Of The Software
GS-01-02 - Setting Up Your Machine
GS-01-03 - How To Change The Background Color

Using Your Designs
GS-02-01 - Opening EMB Files And Using Design Library
GS-02-02 - Finding Machine Files

Changing Colors Of Designs
GS-03-01 - Changing Colors In Hatch Embroidery Organizer
GS-03-02 - Changing Colors In Hatch Embroidery Personalizer
GS-03-03 - Changing Colors In Hatch Embroidery Composer And Digitizer

Getting Your Design Ready to Stitch
GS-04-01 - Optimizing Colors 2
GS-04-02 - Saving & Exporting A Design
GS-04-03 - Exporting SVG Files

GS-05-01 - Getting Started
GS-05-02 - Lettering Options

Changing Stitch Types And Effects With Lettering
GS-06-01 - Fills, Effects, & Underlay

Combining Lettering And Designs
GS-07-01 - Add Lettering To A Design

Quick Monograms
GS-08-01 - Getting Started

GS-09-01 - Getting Started

Basics of Manual Digitizing
GS-10-01 - Creating Shapes & Freehand Drawings

Digitizing Tools
GS-11-01 - Digitizing with Artwork
GS-11-02 - Weld
GS-11-03 - Redwork

Color PhotoStitch & PhotoFlash
GS-12-01 - Getting Started

GS-13-01 - Convert An Appliqué
GS-13-02 - Digitizing Appliqué

Customizing & Editing Designs
GS-14-01 - Combining & Inserting Designs
GS-14-02 - Editing Designs

GS-15-01 - Getting Started

Layout Tools in Hatch Embroidery
GS-16-01 - Getting Started
GS-16-02 - Ambiance Quilting
GS-16-03 - Create Outlines & Offsets

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